About Tiger People

Picture of LSU tiger store - Tiger People Clothiers

Do you ever dream of walking into an LSU merchandise wonder world? One where every item screams how much you love being an LSU fan? Casual attire, workout attire, work appropriate & dressy attire, all for infants, toddler, youth, young men & women, alumni, and even your furry friends! Household items, automotive, lawn, holiday, stickers, flags, hunting, drinking, and tailgating… and this doesn't even begin to break the barrier!

Tiger People Clothiers was created with this idea in mind— to sell everything LSU for the entire family all under one roof; a one stop shop! There's only one difference. We aren't the typical one stop shop.

Creating more of a boutique ambiance, we strive for only the best. Wood floors, custom iron fixtures, exposed brick walls, tv's throughout, floor to ceiling windows, and the best staff in town. Trendy, unique apparel and gifts that you've never seen before, products that will have people talking all over town. THIS is Tiger People Clothiers. Where traditional game day attire and gifts are a thing of the past!



2 Locations To Visit!

 4250 Burbank Dr. Ste. 109         3535 Perkins Rd. Ste. 355

Burbank: 225-771-8958        Perkins: 225-771-8954

Baton Rouge, La. 70808